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True BreakoutV4.5

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True Breakout V4.5

Trade the real breakouts with easy and confidence


  • Load the indicator on all available pairs. The indicator will alert if a pair is added, changed.
  • Valid setups don’t occur often. The average number of valid setups on all pairs per week ranges from 4 to 8, but success rate is very high if all the rules followed. Around 80-90%
  • This is NOT a “set and forgets system”. Trades need to be monitored

True Breakout V4.5



These are enhanced systems based of proven ones that work. Rules are clearly defined and should be followed to be profitable. Entry, StopLoss and Takeprofit levels are calculated, exit strategy implemented.




  • Gives breakout signals from various price action setups proven to have high accuracy
  • Easy detection of valid / invalid setups based from True Breakout rules
  • Advanced Auto Update feature
  • Auto Pair feature. Currently support 10 pairs. Pairs can be added and swapped with better ones based on current condition.
  • Important features added and updated.
  • Very simple and easy to trade
  • High accuracy rate seen here: fxquickroute.com/tbsresults/
  • Proven to work with real users here:


  • 100% No repaint
  • Email/Mobile and Push Notifications Alerts available




The new version simplified the Trading rules of the original true breakout system. The system will alert if the signal is valid or not. No need to think which signal to pick. This will save you more time.

It will show if the setup is Ideal or Center Zone. It will also notify if there is upcoming news during the time of the signal.

An important feature added is the calculation of a second support / resistance zone that can give us more ideal setups if the condition is desirable.

Also it will alert you which pairs are currently available for trading.




Load the indicator in M5 chart with all the available pairs.






  1. Enter if the signal is “VALID”. Take the signal immediately don’t wait for candle close.
  2. The first valid signal for the day is the basis for Stop Loss and Take Profit levels




Exit is very critical for the success of the system. We need to monitor our position and adapt if the market condition changes.

  1. Fully Close position as price reaches TP1 to ensure an approx. 1:1 Risk Reward Ratio or
  1. Partially Close Position when price is near the TP level. Then trail our remaining position to reach maximum target of 2 times our initial Take Profit.
  1. Close trade if priced ranged on entry point. Only one pullback is allowed for a successful breakout. Meaning we can only allow price to go back at entry point once. Since this is a breakout system, we should not allow price to come back and forth in our entry point.
  1. When price takes too long to hit TP/SL, we can close out the trade. Usually, targets should be hit in the same day.




Since successful breakouts only require one test / pullback. It’s advised to move Stop Loss to breakeven after the first pullback.

We can move stop to Breakeven at 15-30 pips of profit depending on pair’s volatility.


We can take the sell signal since its VALID. The setup is Ideal, there is no news, and the signal happened on London Session

(1) Valid Sell signal
(2) Valid Sell Arrows are colored RED
(3) Entry
(4) Stop Loss
(5) Take Profit




(1) Valid Buy signal
(2) Valid Buy Arrows are colored GREEN
(3) Entry
(4) Stop Loss
(5) Take Profit





(1) 1st Valid Signal will be used to determine targets
(2) 2nd Signal this is a valid but wont be used
(3) Use this Stop Loss
(4) Use this Take Profit
(5) Take Profit




The first valid buy signal hits take profit, the 2nd valid buy signal won’t be used to re-enter trades since we only base our targets on the first valid signal for the day.




Invalid Buy & Invalid Sell are signals that didn’t follow the rules of the system. These signals are colored Gray for easy reference. The reasons why these signals are shown:


  1. Invalid signals give early warning of a possible Valid Signal. So we need to watch our chart
  2. To test that the indicator is working on our platform
  3. To better understand how the system works and familiarize which price action works


(1) Close trade when Range / Consolidation formed

CLOSE TRADE when price ranged. Don’t wait for it to hit the target Stop Loss or Take Profit



CLOSE TRADE when price makes more than 1 pullback. Only 1 pullback is needed for a successful breakout. The example shows more than one.



(1) Take Profit not yet hit after 10 hours. Which is too long.
(2) Close trade if its too long. Targets are usually Hit on the Same day
10 hours is too long for targets to be hit. This means the breakout is weak

CLOSE TRADE if it’s too long to hit targets. This means the breakout turned to be weak. Successful breakouts often hit Take Profit in the span of 4 Hours.





(1) Pullback

BREAKOUTS with one pullback, the most common scenario for a successful breakout

The price retraced once then decided to continue the breakout.




STRONG BREAKOUTS does not have pullbacks and targets are instantly hit. This is the best scenario.

The price went straigth to TakeProfit after the signal


Default settings are recommended and don’t need to be changed.




Activate scalper mode if True. This mode changes the calculation of zones and signals to give more trades. This setting will give more VALID setups but also more loosing trades if not filtered properly. Only for advanced users who can read markets better




If set to False, Invalid signals are not shown




If set to False; time won’t be used to filter trades. The system works best on London Session so time filter is recommended.




If set to False; news won’t be used to report if the signal is Invalid. Filtering High impact news 30mins before and after is recommended to avoid whipsaws that hit Stop Loss easily.



1. In which pairs I can load True Breakout?



2. Does the system give many signals?

No the market is not always in breakout mode therefore this system does not give many signals besides this system is more of Accuracy not the number of trades. But when it does, do not hesitate to take the trade. The reason why this system has two versions to give you more signals in other currency pairs. It allows you to choose from the signals that you think will give you a decent profit.


3. What is the best approach to this system?

Trade Ideal setups on London Open + 8 hours and Avoid signals driven by major news.


4. What is the type of broker recommended for True Breakout System?

It is highly recommended to be used in 5 digit broker. 4 digit broker yield bad signals. If you are using a 4 digit platform, you can always sign up a demo account with a 5 digit broker to let the system run.


5.Why do I get different signals from different brokers?

E.g. Alpari US gives Signal but FXCM does not have it.
Different brokers plot different chart results because of the following issues:
a. Disconnection Issues from you and your respective Broker’s servers.
b. Liquidity issues especially during Asian Session.
c. Some Brokers freeze their charts when there is a sudden increased in momentum.
d. Intermittent internet connection of the trader.
e. Some brokers send false spikes that can trigger our signal
If you can RUN the system in two different brokers simultaneously, take the SIGNAL if both of them generated the same signal.


6. If I missed the first one, the computer is not turned on GMT 7, I turned it ON in GMT 15 then I got a signal. Will I ignore that signal?

Yes because you did not know what happened before. There might be an earlier signal and the market is already finished on its breakout state. We don’t want to enter too late on the breakouts, because we are prone to retracements.


7. Support and Resistance Zones cannot be seen in my chart. What do I do now?

Zoom out on your charts to its maximum to see the whole picture. Before you trade, check your charts, you can’t determine what set-up are you trading if you can’t locate your support and resistance. Click on the vertical scale to adjust your chart. Drag and hold the (rectangle shaded part of the chart) of your chart to adjust the chart’s scale.


8. Does Support/Resistance Repaint?

Buffering Support/Resistance may repaint because this is not a completed Zone. You should know how to spot these buffering zones. An established support/resistance zone must hold at least 120 bars for not to repaint when price breaks it. This is further explained in the manual.


9. Do I need to wait for a pullback then enter to have a better position?

This depends on you, pullback usually happens once in a successful breakout. Sometimes pullback does not happen and you will miss the trade if you waited for a pullback. This depends on how conservative you are as a trader. There are conservative traders who always wait for a pullback to have smaller stops and bigger take profits.


9. Can you adjust the settings on your server to give us more setups?

No, we will only adjust if needed. Adjusting it can significantly decrease accuracy of the system. Accuracy is our main priority. Not number of trades. We have experienced a week wherein it only generated 3 valid setups. But overall, all signals won.


10. Do you recommend using VPS?

If you have disconnection problems, it’s great to have a VPS (Virtual Private Server). The system uses actual marked data such as Bid & Ask Values that need to run smoothly. Signals can be late, or you may have fewer signals if your connection speed is slow.


11. How Licensing Works?

1(One) License for 1(One) PC/Device but you can use in unlimited MT4 Trading Accounts/Platforms You can transfer your license from another device if desired. If you want to have 2 or more Devices working simultaneously, You can avail succeeding licenses 30% off the original price. Just email us for invoice. We offer lifetime support and updates to all our products


12.What is the win rate?

True Breakout’s win rate will depend on how the system used applied with proper trade and money management.


13. Do you offer money back guarantee?

Yes, we offer 7-day money back guarantee.