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Box-Front-Steam Index


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Steam Index V1.0

Crystal clear indication of strength and weakness


This is a filter type tool
Recommended in any trading strategy
Excellent tool used to exit trades
Optimize settings from different timeframes and pairs to achieve better results.
For beginners, best used on higher timeframes. H1 and above.

Steam Index


Swing Hunter + Steam Index


  • You can use Basic application to determine Stop Loss and Take Profit
  • Steam Index confirms the strength of the breaking bar to avoid false breakouts


SHSI-1Buy Setup

Take Signal when Steam Index histogram is “Bullish” or colored Blue only.

(1) Buy Entry
(2) Histogram is Blue

SHSI-2Sell Setup

Take Signal when Steam Index histogram is “Bearish” or colored Pink only.

(1) Sell Entry
(2) Histogram is Pink



Trend Flow + Steam Index


  •  Alternate exit that cut losing trades and maximize winning trades




Exit Buy signals when steam index turns Pink (Bearish) or Red (Strong Bearish)


(1) Force Tracer is Green on entire Box
(2) Buy Entry
(3) Exit Buy
(4) Steam Index Histogram is PINK or RED



Exit Sell signals when steam index turns Blue (Bullish) or Green (Strong Bullish)


(1) Force Tracer is Red on entire Box
(2) Sell Entry
(3) Exit Sell
(4) Steam Index Histogram is BLUE or GREEN





Tools are not systems. These are indicators used to help in any trading decision and improve the quality of trades. Tools help traders read market better and improve their analysis on market conditions and dynamics.  These tools can be combined with your trading systems to influence judgment.




  • Identifies the strength of market using a simplified 3-level approach
  • Very reliable confirming indicator to locate momentum and weakness
  • Effective filter for scaling out and exiting trades
  • Settings can be optimized to achieve better results in different timeframes and pairs
  • Works on all pairs
  • Works on all timeframes
  • Works on all platforms
  • No Repaint
  • Email/Mobile and Push Notifications Alerts




Filters market bias using a simplified 3 level approach to make decisions faster and clearer.


+ 1. Weak Bullish

Indication that market can be ranging

indication that trend may change or reverse

+ 2. Bullish

Indication of steady bullish momentum

Indication of possible uptrend

+ 3. Strong Bullish

Indication of bullish breakout (early part of uptrend)

Indication of bullish climax (late part of uptrend)

– 1. Weak Bearish

Indication that market can be ranging

indication that trend may change or reverse

– 2. Bearish

Indication of steady bearish momentum

Indication of possible downtrend

– 3. Strong Bearish

Indication of bearish breakout (early part of uptrend)

Indication of bearish climax (late part of uptrend)






(1) Strong Bullish
(2) Bullish
(3) Weak Bullish
(4) Strong Bearish
(5) Bearish
(6) Weak Bearish
(7) Analysis
Analyzes the bias of the last closing price
(8) Weak Bearish
(9) Weak Bullish
(10) Weak Zone
Histograms inside this area are considered to be weak.
Indicating range or correction




Look for buying oppurtunities on bullish histograms, avoid ranging periods



(1) Impulsive move
(2) Strong Bullish Histograms EARLY on a trend indicate impulsive moves
(3.1) Range
(3.2) Range
(3.3) Range
(4.1) Range
(4.2) Range
(4.3) Range
(5.1) Uptrend
(5.2) Uptrend
(5.3) Uptrend
(6) Bullish Histograms indicate Uptrend
(7) Range
(8) Range
(9) Buying Climax
(10) Strong Bullish Histograms Late in a trend indicate buying climax
(11) Range
(12) Range
(13) Trading Range can be a sign of reversal
(14) New Downtrend
(15) Bearish Histograms New Downtrend




Look for selling opportunities on bearish histograms, avoid ranging periods



(1) Range
(2) Range
(3) New Downtrend
(4) Bearish Histograms indicate downtrend
(5) Range
(6) Range
(7) Downtrend
(8) Range
(9) Range
(10) Downtrend
(11) Strong Bearish Histograms late in a trend indicate selling exhaustion
(12) Range
(13) Range
(14) New Uptrend
(15) Bullish Histograms New Uptrend





Using 2 or more Steam Index with different Magnitude settings will improve bias filtering

This example uses Magnitude = 14  and Magnitude = 40

  • Look for buying opportunities when both are Bullish
  • Look for selling opportunities when both are Bearish



(1) Magnitude = 14
(2) Magnitude = 40
(3) Uptrend
(4) Both Steam Index are Bullish Look for opportunities to Buy
(5) Uptrend
(6) Opportunities to Buy





Using 2 or more Steam Index with different Magnitude to enter short term trades or scalps

This example uses Magnitude = 7  and Magnitude = 40

  • Sell when both are bearish / strong bearish and align for the first time
  • Buy when both are bullish / strong bullish and align for the first time


(1) Magnitude = 7
(2) Magnitude = 40
(3-9) Buy


(1) Magnitude = 7
(2) Magnitude = 40
(3-9) Sell

Settings per timeframe and pair can be different from one another to achieve better results.


Swing Depth


Factor to control the depth of swings


Swing Depth = 1.0 will give small swing breakouts

Swing Depth = 2.0 will generate large swing breakouts


Show Profit Targets


Enables approximate scalp and swing targets




1. What is this type of tool?

Steam Index is a filter and confirmation tool.


2.  How does the tool work?

It filters market bias using simplified three level approach. It also detects whether the market is trending or ranging.


3. What strategy fits the tool?

Works best with trend, breakout and scalping strategies. Can be used to confirm Trend Flow pullbacks and Swing Hunter breakouts.


4. What time frame and pairs can it be used?

It works in all time frames and in all pairs.


5.Does it repaint?

No, it does not. Calculation of signals are made after the close of the current bar. If you experience repaint it means the broker has manipulated its past price feed which can cause all indicators to repaint. if the tool stops working, it may also mean that you have lost your internet connection since our tools require live connection from our servers.


6. Does the tool require internet connection?

Yes, because part of the code is stored in our main server and needs connection to authenticate.


7. How Licensing Works?

1(One) License for 1(One) PC/Device but you can use in unlimited MT4 Trading Accounts/Platforms You can transfer your license from another device if desired. If you want to have 2 or more Devices working simultaneously, You can avail succeeding licenses 30% off the original price. Just email us for invoice. We offer lifetime support and updates to all our products


8.What is the win rate?

Steam Index’s win rate will depend on how the tools were used applied with proper trade and money management.


9. Do you offer money back guarantee?

Yes, we offer 7-day money back guarantee.