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Master Fractals V3.0

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Master Fractals V3.0

Decode market structure in any degree of time


  • This is an analysis type tool
  • This tool can be combined to any trading strategy to improve trading decision
  • This tool helps determine market swings as reference in placing Stop Loss and Take Profits
  • Helps in ratio trading
  • Helps in harmonic trading
  • Helps in Elliott wave trading
  • Works well in breakout strategies
  • Works well in reversal strategies
  • Best tool used in naked charts

Master Fractals




Tools are not systems. These are indicators used to help in any trading decision and improve the quality of trades. Tools help traders read market better and improve their analysis on market conditions and dynamics.  These tools can be combined with your trading systems to influence judgment.




  • Draws fractals in any timeframe
  • Multi Timeframe which allows you to customize up to 10 different timeframes
  • Draws Support & Resistance levels in any timeframe
  • Clearly analyze market swings and structure
  • Very simple and easy to understand
  • Works on all pairs
  • Works on all timeframes
  • Works on all platforms
  • No repaint
  • Email/Mobile and Push Notifications Alerts






(1) Support Fractal
(2) Resistance Fractal
(3) Resistance
(4) Support



You can use any timeframe to determine fractals.



(1) Timeframe
(2) Resistance Fractal
(3) Support Fractal
(4) H1 Resistance
(5) H1 Support




Fractals indicate market swing points. These are essential in determining market patterns and understand market structure. Master Fractals identify fractal support and resistance in ANY timeframe, whether 1 minute, daily or yearly. In theory, fractal levels of bigger timeframes will serve as stronger support and resistance levels.



(1) H16 Support Fractal
(2) H1 Support Fractal
(3) H4 Support Fractal
(4) M30 Support Fractal
(5) H1 Resistance Fractal
(6) H4 Resistance Fractal
(7-8) M30 Resistance Fractal


FRACTAL LEVELS (Support & Resistance)

Indicator can plot support and resistance levels in any timeframe

Stronger support and resistance lines will be thicker.



(1) Stronger Support
(2-3) Support
(4-5) Resistance
(6) Stronger Resistance



This example uses H1 & H4 Fractals

TimeFrames = 60,240



(1) H4 Support
(2) H4 Resistance
(3) H1 Support
(4) H1 Resistance
(5) Timeframe



Use higher timeframe swings as reference in drawing Fibonacci retracements



(1) H8 Swing Low
(2) H4 Swing High
(3) 50% Retracement



Use Higher Timeframe fractals as reference in drawing harmonic patterns.



(1) H8 Swing Low
(2) D1 Swing High
(3) Gartley Pattern



(1) H1 Swing Low
(2) H1 Swing High
(3) Bat Pattern



Easily identify larger swings to help count waves






Look for breakout trades in higher timeframe support/resistance levels

Buy Breakouts above higher timeframe resistance levels

Sell Breakouts below higher timeframe support levels



(1) Higher Timeframe Support
(2) Sell Breakouts



(1) Higher Timeframe Resistance
(2) Buy Breakouts

Settings per timeframe and pair can be different from one another to achieve better results.


Draw Fractals


Setting to true will draw fractals


Draw Support/Resistance


Setting to true will draw support and resistance from fractals


Use Dark Symbols


True will use dark symbols to draw fractals


Default value = 0. This means it will use recommended periods for the current timeframe

You can use up to 10 different periods in Minutes format separated by comma.

Example:  Timeframes = 1,3,5,15,60,120,240,480. Will show M1, M3, M5, M15, H1, H2, H4 and H8


Support/Resistance Lookback

The number of support/resistance levels to draw starting from the latest fractal.

Example: Using “1” will draw the latest support/resistance. Using “5” will draw the latest 5 levels.



This example uses H1 & H4 Fractals

TimeFrames = 60,240

1 1 Minute
3 3 Minutes
45 45 Minutes
60 1 Hour
240 4 Hours
480 8 Hours
1440 1 Day (Daily)
7200 5 Days
10080 1 Week (Weekly)
20160 2 Weeks
43200 1 Month (Monthly)
129600 3 Months
518400 1 Year (Yearly)
2592000 5 Years
1. What is this type of tool?

Master Fractals is an analysis tool.

2.  How does the tool work?

Draws fractals swing high and low in any degree of time. Project support and resistance based on fractals.


3. What strategy fits the tool?

Naked Chart, Harmonic and Elliott wave.


4. What time frame and pairs can it be used?

It works in all time frames and in all pairs.


5.Does it repaint?

No, it does not. Calculation of signals are made after the close of the current bar. If you experience repaint it means the broker has manipulated its past price feed which can cause all indicators to repaint. if the tool stops working, it may also mean that you have lost your internet connection since our tools require live connection from our servers.


6. Does the tool require internet connection?

Yes, because part of the code is stored in our main server and needs connection to authenticate.


7. How Licensing Works?

1(One) License for 1(One) PC/Device but you can use in unlimited MT4 Trading Accounts/Platforms You can transfer your license from another device if desired. If you want to have 2 or more Devices working simultaneously, You can avail succeeding licenses 30% off the original price. Just email us for invoice. We offer lifetime support and updates to all our products


8.What is the win rate?

Master Fractals’s win rate will depend on how the tools were used applied with proper trade and money management.


9. Do you offer money back guarantee?

Yes, we offer 7-day money back guarantee.